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Arnold Zable - Writer & Storyteller
Arnold Zable is an award winning writer, novelist, storyteller and human rights advocate situated in Melbourne, Australia.

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Workshop -The Art of Story: Fiction and Non-Fiction

You have a story to tell, or an idea for a story, perhaps several ideas. Taken from life, your own life, or what you have observed in others. Perhaps you have begun to write it, and are stuck. The most important question is: What is the best way to tell the story? As fiction or non-fiction? Novel or memoir; short story or feature? The borderline between fiction and non-fiction is not as distinct as some would have it. There are techniques are common to both. There are also hybrids that cross the boundaries in daring and imaginative ways.

At the heart of good writing, whatever the genre, is the art of imagination, and the technique of scene construction, and writing about place and character. There is also the evolving structure of a story. The workshop will include discussion, feedback, question sessions and writing exercises. We will also explore how to break the various blocks that can come up in the process. As a writer who has published extensively both in fiction and non-fiction, novel and memoir, Arnold Zable will take you through the processes by which a writer finally arrives at his decision. 

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