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Arnold Zable - Writer & Storyteller
Arnold Zable is an award winning writer, novelist, storyteller and human rights advocate situated in Melbourne, Australia.

News » Faber Interviews Arnold Zable on The Art of Story

Faber Interviews Arnold Zable on The Art of Story

An extract:

You've written memoir, fiction, columns, essays and plays, what have you learnt from using these different forms?

The craft of storytelling has a central role to play in all of those forms. Critical to this is an understanding of the true meaning of the word, imagination and its relation to the art of scene construction. The word imagination derives from the word 'image'. In other words, the act of imagining is the act of seeing, of hearing and so on. It is sensual. It draws upon the senses to create scenes. If the writer is fully present and alert to the story and to the scenes they are creating, then the reader will be present.

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